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Satellite Operators & Satellite Manufacturers

Secure and User-Friendly. Customer-Oriented Launch Services

As of the end of February 2018, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has performed 37 successful launches with the H-IIA and 6 successful launches with the H-IIB. These are 38 consecutive success flights of the H-IIA and the H-IIB, leading to a success rate of 97.4 percent for the H-IIA and 100 percent for the H-IIB. Our re-launch insurance rate, an index of launch vehicle reliability, compares favorably with the commercial satellite launch vehicle programs of other countries. Having won the full trust of the space insurance market, MHI have to maintain higher level of reliability.

The Same Reliable Performance, Every Time

Photo: H2B Launch Vehicle

MHI secures success for its customers by focusing strictly on the "secure" delivery of the customer's payload (satellite) to "the target orbit" on the "target date."

Our two strongest selling points are "Schedule Assurance," the assurance that we can launch the customer's payload on the target date, and "Reliable Launch," the accurate delivery of the customer's payload to the target orbit. We promise these points through a strict procedure for "reliable performance." For every launch, we compare about 4,800 launch vehicle parameters with the corresponding parameters from previous launch data. If we detect deviations from the trend, even small deviations within the acceptable limits, we always examine the causes behind these deviations and make a more reliable system and improved system components to deliver "the same reliable performance."

In addition to sector-specific checks in the phases of developing, manufacturing, and quality assurance, we also assign representatives to take responsibility for the engine, computers and other systems for the guarantee of conformance with the designer's intentions. We promise "schedule assurance" and "reliable launches" by integrating million of components for confirmation both by sector and by system.

"Easier-to-Use" Launch Services

MHI is the only company capable of offering "comprehensive launch services, from manufacturing to launch." MHI engineers specialized in launch vehicle technology provide quick support and solutions for customers.

Looking to the future, we continue to focus on "usability" from the customer's viewpoint and to make maximum efforts to meet customer demands for "launch capacity" and "price." Several improvements now on the drawing board will be enhancing the competitiveness of the H-IIA launch vehicle. Once accomplished, these improvements will assure the reliability of the H-IIA launch vehicle and easy-to-use launch services over the next decade or so. We will also be enhancing many features of the launch environment, including the satellite launch season, to meet customer needs.

Our ongoing improvements in systems and infrastructures continue to strengthen "schedule assurance" and "easy-to-use" launch services for the customer.

Making full use of its comprehensive technological capabilities, MHI contributes to successful customer businesses.

MHI's comprehensive technological capabilities are its greatest strength. An astounding array of technologies are designed into the more than 700 products we produce, from our launch vehicles to our nuclear power equipment and marine vessels. MHI is the only company capable of managing such a vast compendium of leading-edge technologies. We will continue to use our comprehensive capacities to nurture success for customer businesses.

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